United Arab Emirates

Import to United Arab Emirates

Importing to the United Arab Emirates: opening up a world of diversity and opportunity

Importing to the United Arab Emirates as a country with a strong market and commercial prosperity offers good opportunities to importers. For imports to this country, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Market study: Getting to know the United Arab Emirates market and its needs, knowing the customers and measuring the competition are essential points.


  • Market research: Review of UAE imports laws and regulations, taxes, restrictions, standards and other requirements such as classification and


  • Product selection: Choosing the products that the customer wants and the market is active for them, as well as the product that is suitable in terms of import rules and conditions.


  • Customs and import regulations: Getting to know the customs laws of the United Arab Emirates, providing the documents required for importation, applying taxes, etc.


  • Distribution network: planning for the distribution of imported products in the UAE market and creating an effective distribution network.


  • Customer support: providing after-sales service, guaranteeing product quality and satisfying customers to create a reliable brand name.


  • Launching transactions: starting business activities and communicating with business partners, customers and providers, as well as having a lawyer or financial specialist to have the best and most cost-effective tax calculation and tax affairs in the UAE.


Success in importing to the United Arab Emirates requires comprehensive attention to this process and compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

DO Tradepartner Company proudly announces that by having physical offices in the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Russia and China, as well as expert colleagues residing in these offices, it facilitates the process of importing to this country by using experience and expertise. We will do our best to maintain a good relationship with you for your success in business.

Importing to the United Arab Emirates is carried out at DO Tradepartner Company through the following steps:

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Export from United Arab Emirates

World Market Awaiting the Key to Success in Exports from the UAE

Exports from the United Arab Emirates play a central role in the global economy. The country has been able to progress by diversifying its economy beyond the export of energy resources.

The United Arab Emirates as an international trade center has provided many opportunities for exporters and investors by offering flexible trade policies. This country provides access to the world market with modern seaports and international airports.

Due to the strategic location of the UAE in the Middle East, this country has been able to act as a bridge between East and West and at the same time target the emerging markets of Asia and Africa.

This unique combination of natural resources, innovation and geographical location has made the United Arab Emirates one of the world leaders in the field of exports.

DO Tradepartner Company, having physical offices in this country and resident personnel there, has created an exceptional position to accompany and support export activities in the United Arab Emirates for its business partners.

Also, our experts can help with the complex export process with a deep understanding of local laws and regulations. In addition, DO Tradepartner Company uses the location of its offices in the United Arab Emirates, Iran, China and Russia to be a bridge in different markets and provide new opportunities.

Exporting from the United Arab Emirates is carried out at DO Tradepartner Company through the following steps:


We at DO Tradepartner Company will try to facilitate your export process and provide you with full support. Having expertise in this field, we agree on a common goal with our business partner. This goal is business development in international markets and we will do our best to achieve the goals of our customers.