Import to China

Today, China is not only one of the largest economies in the world, but also known as a key innovator and leader in the field of international trade. This country with its rich history and diverse culture is a clear example of combining economic success and progress with relative values. Over the past few decades, China has played an important role in the formation of the world economy by developing its infrastructure and increasing its commercial activities.

The rapid growth of China’s economy and its continuous efforts to improve the business environment have made the country a global center for trade and investment. Focusing on innovation and quality, the country is transforming its image from a producer of cheap products to a political power that focuses on developing advanced technologies and providing quality products.

On the other hand, initiatives such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” show China’s commitment to strengthening international cooperation and creating a global network of economic relations. In addition to creating new opportunities for Chinese companies, such an approach allows other countries to access new markets.

Imports to China are of special importance for this country, which include:

  • A huge and diverse market:

Since China is one of the largest consumer markets in the world and due to its high population, this country is known as a huge market for products and services. Also, cultural and economic diversity in different regions of China provides different opportunities for importers.

  • Increasing demand for foreign products:

With the increase in the level of income and awareness of Chinese consumers, the demand for foreign and quality products in this country is increasing. This demand includes a wide range of different products.

  • A communication bridge for global trade:

China is one of the most important centers of world trade, and imports to China can be considered as a base for access to other Asian and global markets. Also, initiatives like “Belt and Road Initiative” help to strengthen trade networks and create new routes for trade and imports.

  • Development of commercial infrastructure:

In recent years, China has made huge investments in the development of trade and transportation infrastructure. These developments have facilitated the import of products to China. Ports, airports and transportation networks in China are among the most advanced in the world, which have provided good opportunities for imports.

  • Appropriate business environment:

The Chinese government is trying to make the business environment attractive and simple for foreign companies, and this is obvious in facilitating the customs and legal process of this country. Such commercial and economic reforms help importers to operate more confidently in the Chinese market.

DO Tradepartner Company proudly offers import services to China and with its constant and available support, it helps you to do this process safely and easily.

DO Tradepartner Company carries out the import through the following steps:

1- Purchasing and supplying products

2- Conclusion of valid contracts

3- Quality control

4- Products insurance services

5- Transportation services

6- Customs services

7- Clearance of products

8- Warehousing and strip

We undertake to carry out all the steps of importing to China according to the wishes of you, dear customers, and having the facilities, physical offices and experienced personnel in China, we will deliver your imported products to you after passing the Chinese customs exit.

Export from china

Importing from China is a smart choice:

China is known as one of the largest producers and exporters of products in the world.

Due to the wide range of products, importing products from China can provide many opportunities for businessmen and investors. Importing from China can be a good choice for businessmen for several reasons.

DO Tradepartner Company is proud to announce that it has a physical office in China and it allows you to easily order any kind of customized products you need that are manufactured in China through us.

​ Our team of experts in China are ready to provide support services at all stages of your order. In the following, you will get to know the exact order process and services provided by DO Tradepartner Company.

  • Using technology and mass production:

China has many capabilities in the field of technology and mass production. Chinese manufacturers can produce products with good quality in mass, which can reduce production costs and thus the final price of the product.

  • Low production costs:

Due to the low cost of labor and access to raw materials at reasonable prices, production costs in China are relatively lower, which makes the price of imported products from China lower.

  • Variety of products:

China has the ability to produce a variety of products. This allows merchants to pay attention to the needs of the destination market and import various products.

  • Ease of access and trade:

China has simplified the process of import and export with its trade policy and taking advantage of modern knowledge. It should also be noted that many Chinese factories and Chinese suppliers have effective management and support systems to facilitate international trade.

  • Establishing long-term business relationships:

Importers can create a platform for stable and long-term business by establishing a continuous and effective business relationship with Chinese suppliers. Such relationships lead to reducing risks and increasing profitability.

Reviewing the manufacturers of your desired product and providing a list of the top ten manufacturers according to your wishes to make it easier to choose wisely.

  • Purchasing and supplying products from China:

Purchasing and supplying products is a specialized and complex process that requires precision, expertise and experience. Our experienced and professional experts are ready to carry out this process for you carefully and meticulously. Taking into account your needs and tastes, they try to meet your expectations in the best way so that the desired and accurate results are obtained. Also, we will try to comprehensively and fully analyze all aspects and factors related to this process so that we can provide you with the best and complete services in every respect.

The first step in the process of purchasing products is to communicate and exchange information with DO Tradepartner experts.

This information should be accurate, complete and about your needs and expectations and budget. By providing this information, experts can provide you with the best options and suggestions based on your needs. This will make you make more accurate and appropriate choices and give you more satisfaction with your purchase. This information includes:

  • Name and specifications of the product
  • Purchase volume
  • The intended price to purchase the product
  • How to transport the products
  • Duration of receiving the orders

As your physical representative in China, DO Tradepartner company's experts who reside in China conduct detailed and comprehensive research on the manufacturers of your desired product.

Choosing a manufacturer and supplier depends on factors such as product quality, price, ability of the supplier or manufacturer to cover the order volume, payment terms and delivery guarantee.

DO Tradepartner Company experts prepare a list of ten manufacturers and suppliers that are most compatible with your needs and demands by conducting detailed research. In this list, all important aspects such as price, product quality, power, production and supply capacity, payment terms and various guarantees are fully stated. This list will help our dear customers to make appropriate and optimal decisions for their purchase with full knowledge.

After you have made your choice, the experts will review the rules and regulations before starting the purchase process.

These regulations include import tariffs, necessary licenses in case of restrictions and providing solutions to resolve them.

DO Tradepartner Company provides these services free of charge as a token of appreciation for choosing us.

After the customer chooses the desired manufacturer according to the list provided and based on the services and terms of the manufacturers, our team of experts starts working.

If there is no need for research for the customer, or if the customer has already selected and considered the desired manufacturer, we provide our other services that we have mentioned in the list of DO Tradepartner services.



Sending Samples

When the customer has ordered the production of products from a Chinese manufacturer, he first requests the manufacturer to send a sample of the manufactured products. This is done for several reasons:

  • Quality confirmation:

The buyer can check the quality of the material and structure of the product, which makes the buyer register the original order with more confidence.


  • Compliance with the desired specifications:

At this stage, checking the compliance of the sample with the needs and specifications of the customer makes it possible to identify and resolve the differences and contradictions.


  • Evaluation of packaging and transportation:

In this process, it is checked how the product is packed and transported and whether the product is vulnerable during transportation or not. This can help to improve the process of packing and transporting the products correctly.


  • Fixing bugs and improvements:

If there are defects or defects in the product, they can be fixed before the main order, and this factor will lead to the production of better quality products.

  • Showcasing the capabilities of the producer:

By sending a sample, the manufacturer can present his abilities and also his production facilities and skills to the buyer. This gives the buyer confidence in the manufacturer and guarantees the quality of the original order.


  • Ease of negotiation and agreement:

Sending samples facilitates negotiations and agreements between the buyer and the producer. When the buyer sees the physical sample of the product, he can give his final opinion about the price, payment terms and other financial and commercial issues.


  • Technical test:

The buyer may want to test the product sample in terms of technology and performance. By providing a sample, it is possible for the buyer to check whether the product really meets his needs, technical standards and expected performance or not.


  • Confirmation of the main order:

After sending the sample, the customer can confirm the original order by taking into account his desired points or cooperate with another manufacturer to supply his product.


  • Gaining confidence for investment:

When the buyer receives a sample, he can check it and make sure of its quality so that he is ready to invest and make a deal.


Considering all these points, sending sample is a strategic and important act in business, which ensures the information and satisfaction of both sides of the transaction.

DO Tradepartner trading company accompanies you in all these stages for ease of business and also to assure you about investment and purchase of products.