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Export means the process of selling and sending products or services from one country to another and is considered a very important part of international trade.

Export is of high importance for the world economy, because it increases production, employment and income level.

Due to its rich natural and industrial resources, Iran exports many products to world markets, which include:


  • ​Petrochemical materials and products
  • Agricultural and horticultural products
  • Minerals
  • Metals and mineral products
  • Pharmaceutical and health products
  • Handicrafts
  • Food products and beverages


In DO Tradepartner trading company, export is carried out through various processes, which are provided as a whole or as a separate service depending on the customer’s needs. 

1) Export market and research services

Export market and research services include a set of activities that help traders and exporters gain a better understanding of their target market, discover new opportunities, manage risks, and develop market entry strategies. The export market research services at Maar Trading Company are as follows:

  • Analysis and review of the international market

International market analysis is one of the most important tools for identifying business opportunities and developing business strategies. Below are the key parts of such analysis:


  1. Providing market analysis reports based on different industries and products.


  • Data collection: collecting quantitative and qualitative data from sources.


  1. Industry analysis: review of the general state of the industry including market size, annual growth, degree of competition and factors affecting it such as technology, politics and economic interactions.


  1. ​ Product analysis: Studying the characteristics of different products, pricing, quality, innovations and standards required by different markets.


  1. Reviewing and analyzing current trends and forecasts about the future of the global market.


  • Analysis of trends: Examining current trends in the market, such as changes in consumer demand, environmental developments, and the impact of these trends on the offending industries and markets.


  • Market forecasting: using forecasting models to research the current market trend and examine evaluation scenarios for the possible impact on demand, prices and other important market indicators.

2) Customs information, import and export

Customs information and import and export data is one of the most important sources of information for economic activists. This data includes detailed information about the shipment of products from one country to another, which are collected through official customs authorities. Here are some customs information and foreign trade data:

  • Quantitative statistics and data: the amount of exports and imports that indicate the total volume of the country’s foreign trade in the monthly, quarterly and annual time frame:


  1. The value of exported and imported products
  2. The weight of products in kilograms or tons
  3. Tariffs and customs and import taxes applied to the goods


  • Classification of products: There is an international standard system for the description and classification of goods, which is called HS code, and it helps to analyze the trade more precisely. Also, it provides a detailed description of the type of products that have been exchanged.


  • Information related to countries and regions: specifying which countries the products are exported from or imported to and information about the free trade zones or economic unions of which these countries are members.


  • Information about companies: information about companies that are active in the field of foreign trade and the availability of necessary licenses for import and export.


  • Additional business data that includes the amounts and volume of transactions carried out in different time frames and information related to customs procedures such as clearance time and document requirements.


The use of this data helps businessmen and companies to get a more accurate picture of the state of target markets and competition in global markets. In addition, they can use this information to analyze competitors, identify new business opportunities, assess risks related to business in different countries, and plan market entry strategies.

DO Tradepartner Company carries out all these researches and obtaining information so that you, our dear customers, have complete information for your desired import and export.

3) Identification and analysis of competitors

Competitor analysis is a process that allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of the competitive environment of their target markets. This process includes a detailed examination of competitors in the market and identification of various aspects of their business such as pricing, business strategies, market share, specifications of their products and services. In the following, we explain the basic steps of this process:

  • Pricing Analysis: Examining competitors’ pricing strategy, which includes understanding how competitor products are priced. Another issue is price comparison, which is analyzed based on the direct price of competitors’ products and also how prices affect the behavior of customers.


  • Analysis of strategies:


  1. Examining marketing strategies and identifying marketing channels used by competitors


  1. Analyzing and reviewing the sales strategy of competitors and its distribution channels



  1. Positioning of competitors’ brands in the market and in the minds


  • Market share analysis:


  1. Investigating the market share of each of the competitors and analyzing their growth and decline trends


  1. Analysis of up and down days and their impact on competitors’ market share


  • Evaluation of products and services:


  1. Examining the details of competitors’ products and services in terms of their quality and features with their own products


  1. Identifying innovations that competitors have created in their products

4) Identifying potential customers and business partners

Identifying potential customers and business partners is one of the key steps in business development and export expansion. If you are active in the field of market research and international trade, it is necessary to prepare databases of buyer and distributor companies around the world. These databases include contact information, type of activity, business history and other details and help you in the following steps:


  1. Profiling
  2. Goal setting
  3. Communications
  4. Development and network


In addition to finding new customers and partners, this process helps to better understand the needs and preferences of the target market. In this way, sales and marketing strategies will be more effective.

5) Cultural and legal analysis

Cultural and legal analysis is an essential element in the field of export and international trade and helps companies to have a better understanding of the cultural dimensions of the target market such as values, customs, social expectations, etc. Having such an understanding and insight has a significant impact on communication, negotiations and sales strategies.

This important section also includes laws and regulations related to export and import, domestic laws of destination countries, international contracts, trade standards, customs laws, etc.

6) Strategic planning and consultation

  • Strategic planning and consulting are essential for any business that plans to enter new markets. This process can include appropriate methods to enter the import and export market.

    DO Tradepartner Company will proudly accompany you, dear customers, during all stages of export market research.

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