Conclusion of valid contracts

Valid contracts in the field of imports are legal and business documents that are concluded between the seller (exporter of the product(s)) and the buyer (importer of products). These contracts are applied as legal principles for business transactions between parties, which determine the obligations of each party towards the other.

Our company has esteemed Iranian personnel in the countries of origin of our clients, who, as your physical representative, conclude a contract between the DO Tradepartner company, who is a citizen of the seller’s country, and the producer of the product, who is also a citizen of the same country, according to the laws of the same country.

The advantage of this part is that in the event of a dispute in the contract, the judicial authorities of the same country are competent to deal with it, which is facilitated by the existence of the company’s agents. Otherwise, if the contract is concluded, for example, between an Iranian person and another person who is a citizen of another country, in the event of a dispute, the third country is competent to handle it, which causes huge costs for the dear customer.




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In the following, we provide explanations about the important components and principles that must be present in a contract for import of the products:

Details of the contract parties:

The contract must contain the full details of the seller and the buyer, including name, address, contact number and other details.

Product description:

In the contract, a detailed description of the product(s) that are the subject of import should be mentioned. This description should include the characteristics, technical specifications, quantity, quality and other details related to that product.

Price and payment terms:

The contract must determine the price of the product(s) and specify the terms of payment. These terms may include the number of installments of the advance payment, the method of payment and the value of the product(s).

Delivery deadline:

 The date of delivery of product(s) as well as the place of delivery should be specified in the contracts.

Special conditions:

If there are special conditions for this transaction, it should be mentioned in the contract, for example, conditions related to customs, insurance and other financial issues.


The parties to the contract may provide guarantees in the contract to be used to guarantee their obligations, and all the principles of that guarantee must be stated.

Terms of dispute settlement:

In case of a dispute between the parties, the terms of settlement of the dispute must be determined in the contract.

Cancellation and termination deadline and related conditions:

 The conditions related to the cancellation of the contract should be mentioned in the contract. This may include the cancellation fees or the cancellation schedule.

Related rules and regulations:

In the contract, it should be stated which national and international laws are applied in case of dispute

The signature and validity date of the contract must be confirmed by the signature of all parties and have its own validity date.

Conditions regarding quality assurance:

In some cases, it may determine the conditions to guarantee the quality of the product.

Provision of documents and permits:

In some contracts, you may specify the provision of documents and permits related to the import of products.

In international business, we recommend that you always get help from an expert as a consultant so that you can conclude a valid contract.


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