Transportation Services

Transportation is a broad service that plays a very important and essential role in business affairs, and a commercial company must carefully manage the transportation process in order to carry out commercial transactions and exchange products between customers and suppliers. DO Tradepartner trading company cooperates with experienced transportation experts in this matter and provides standard transportation services to dear customers.

 Also, DO Tradepartner Company is able to provide this type of service separately. To read more about this service, refer to the transportation services provided by the company.

Types of transportation:

Road transportation

In this type of transportation products are moved using cars and trucks.

Rail transportation

In this type of transportation, the products are shipped using rails and trains, which can be economical in terms of cost. However, this method it is suitable for the cases in which “time” is not among the main factors.

Air transportation

This type of transportation using airlines is suitable for the cases in which speed is the main factor.

Maritime Transportation

 This type of transportation is carried out using the sea fleet and is suitable for the products that are moved in very large volumes. Of course, DO Tradepartner trading company serves its customers in the field of providing all types of transportation.

Combined logistics

When two or more types of transportation are used in a combined manner to transport the products, combined logistics occurs and this method is done to optimize the process of products transporting.

Important factors in the transportation of product(s) by trading companies:

– Supplying the products

In order to provide services to customers, commercial companies must provide the product(s) desired by the customer in the best way. However, in DO Tradepartner Company, it is possible for the customer to supply the product(s) by themselves and ask the company to cooperate only for the purpose of transporting the products.


– Saving costs:

  Management of transportation costs helps the customer of the trading company to receive the desired services at a lower and more affordable cost. Optimizing transportation routes as well as optimal management of warehouses are among the solutions that help to reduce costs.


– Timing of transactions:

Transportation can have an important impact on the timing of the transactions. Delays in delivery of product(s) to customers or delays in receiving the product from suppliers may lead to dissatisfaction and disputes.

Transportation can create various risks such as damage to the products during transportation or customs problems. DO Tradepartner Company manages and controls these risks with the help of experienced experts to minimize financial losses.