DO Tradepartner trading Company proudly announces that it provides services in the field of obtaining representation from various international companies and brands to its valued customers. Our commitment is to conduct detailed and comprehensive research to move towards the goals and wishes of our customers. The expert teams of our company always do their best to provide you with the best services by knowing the domestic market and the available opportunities and help you to work in your target market in the best way and with more trust and confidence.

In the following, we briefly describe the steps of DO Tradepartner company to obtain representation:

1. Definition of representation and its importance in obtaining representation of foreign manufacturers in Iran:

Representing a foreign manufacturer in Iran means that a person or company in Iran has the right to be responsible for selling, marketing and supporting the products or services of this foreign manufacturer.

The representative must be familiar with local laws and regulations, culture and market demand, and have the ability to establish effective communication and cooperation with foreign producers.

The experts of DO Tradepartner Company convince and inform the foreign manufacturer about the following points: ​

  • Market expansion: foreign manufacturers can expand their sales market to other countries such as Iran by using local representatives.


  • Better understanding of the local market: Local representatives help foreign producers to get a better understanding of the market, consumer culture and customer demand in Iran.


  • Ease of solving problems and support: the local representative can solve problems and provide support to customers in Iran, and this leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.


  • Compliance with local laws and regulations: The local representative helps foreign manufacturers to align their products and business activities with Iranian laws and regulations.


Considering these important points, choosing an effective representative in Iran is very important for foreign manufacturers. The experts of DO Tradepartner trading Company recommend your approval to the foreign manufacturer and the importance of your presence as a representative.

2. How to choose the right manufacturer for representation

Choosing the right manufacturer for representation is one of the vital steps in the process of establishing a commercial representation, for which a number of factors must be carefully examined and evaluated. In this section, we have mentioned some of these factors and possible strengths and weaknesses of the producers:

  • Checking the quality of products
  • Research on the sustainability and strength of the producer
  • Checking support and after-sales service
  • Evaluation of technology and producer innovations
  • Examination of flexibility in commercial terms and contracts
  • Checking the prices
  • Compliance with local and international laws and regulations
  • Checking the history and experience of the manufacturer
  • Checking the ability to deliver and the performance of the manufacturer
  • Checking the reputation and credibility of the manufacturer in the market
  • Examination of commercial relations and distribution network
  • Evaluation of technical and educational support
  • Check agreements and contractual conditions
  • Financial and economic capabilities of the producer
  • Balances in relationships with customers
  • Review of marketing and sales policies
  • Evaluation of flexibility in different market conditions
  • Checking responsiveness in times of crisis or possible problems
  • Evaluation of the quality level of products or services
  • Checking the ability or reliability and stability of the manufacturer
  • Evaluation of pricing policies
  • Checking the after-sales support


A suitable manufacturer for obtaining representation should be selected based on a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all aspects and effective factors and the quality of that manufacturer. This analysis will help you to make a better decision and operate in the market with more confidence. DO Tradepartner is proud to be with you on this path and provide you with its useful and professional services.

3. Rules and Regulations

  1. A) Import rules and regulations:

Getting informed about the rules and regulations of importing goods to Iran includes taxes, customs and other matters. The updated information is collected from the official websites of customs and related ministries.

  1. B) Customs rules:

This section is related to being aware of the latest customs rules and regulations regarding tax rates and customs duties for various goods.

  1. C) International trade laws:

This concept refers to being informed about international trade laws and multilateral or bilateral agreements, as well as being aware of new international trade regulations and the World Trade Organization.

Tips for complying with the rules and regulations

1) Up-to-date information: Always keep your information updated from official and reliable sources.

2) Consultation: If you need advice, get help from international trade and customs experts.

3) Education: Use educational opportunities and specialized courses to increase your knowledge.

4) Networking: Connect with people and organizations related to international business to benefit from their experiences and information.

5) Planning: Before any commercial action, have a detailed plan and examine all legal aspects.

Strict compliance with the rules and regulations of international trade, customs and import is the key to success in the global market. Merchants and traders should always pay special attention to this point and benefit from all the necessary information.

DO Tradepartner trading company gets help from prominent lawyers active in the field of business and facilitates the process of obtaining representation for you by considering and reviewing relevant laws.

4. The way of cooperation:

  1.  The way of cooperation between the representative and the producer can be determined based on several factors. These include:


    • Duration of cooperation:

    Short-term: cooperation is determined for a project or a limited period of time.

    Long-term: collaborations that are created with the aim of creating a stable and long-term relationship.


    • Profit and loss:

    Profit sharing: agreement on how to share profits from the products.

    Loss tolerance: agreement on how to bear possible losses and risks


    • Financial resources:

    Investment: determine the share of investment.

    Budgeting: financial planning and determining the budget required for activities


    • Obligations and responsibilities:

    Responsibilities of the producer: determining and disagreeing on the responsibilities and obligations of the producer during the cooperation.


    Responsibilities of the representative: determining and agreeing on the responsibilities and obligations of the representative during the cooperation.


    • Support and education:

    Technical support: determining the level and method of technical support from the manufacturer to the agent.

    Trainings: Planning for the necessary training for the representative by the manufacturer.


    • Terms of cooperation termination:

    Terms of termination: agreement and determination of the conditions under which the cooperation can be terminated.

    Settlement: agreement on how to settle the account in case of termination of cooperation.

    Cooperation agreements must be prepared with high precision and sensitivity in such a way that all aspects and dimensions of cooperation are clearly defined in it. Ambiguous and unclear situations in the agreement should also be avoided in order to provide a healthy and transparent environment for cooperation and to minimize the possibility of conflicts and conflicts of interest during the cooperation period. These agreements are concluded by the experts of DO Tradepartner Company with full knowledge and precision.

5. Cooperation Strategies

  1. For a fruitful and effective cooperation between the representative and the producer, solid and comprehensive strategies should be adopted, and in this regard, the following points should be considered:

    • Planning and goal setting:

    Setting clear and measurable goals for activities and preparing action plans according to the activities and goals set.


    • Market research and analysis:

    Examining target markets, identifying opportunities and threats, as well as identifying customer needs and competitors’ actions in the market.


    • Development of products:

    Cooperation in the development and improvement of products based on the needs of the market, improving quality and creating diversity in products


    • Development of sales and distribution network:

    Expanding the sales network and creating effective channels for effective distribution and establishing direct relationships with customers and consumers.


    • Facilitating the exchange of information:

    Creating effective information systems to facilitate communication and information exchange with customers using new technologies in information and communication.

    • Adherence to ethical and professional principles:

    Observing ethical and professional principles in all stages of cooperation, creating clear and healthy communication between the cooperation parties.


    The simultaneous and coordinated use of the above strategies can be the basis for a successful, stable and win-win cooperation between the representative and the producer and help to increase the satisfaction and performance of the parties.

6. Promotion and Marketing

  1. Promotion and marketing are two very important and main aspects in every business, whose purpose is to facilitate the sale of products. To promote and market products in Iran, we can refer to these methods and strategies:


    • Digital Marketing: Website and Blog: Having a professional website with useful information about the product.


    • Social networks: active presence in social networks and building relationships with customers.


    • Click ads and SEO: click ads to increase visibility.


    • Content Marketing: Using relevant and quality content production to attract customers and using videos, articles, etc. to share content.


    • Email Marketing: Sending regular newsletters and useful information to registered customers, as well as using email about offers and discounts.


    • Translational Marketing: Participation in exhibitions and conferences to promote products and establish cooperation with other brands or businesses.


    • Use of new technologies: Using artificial intelligence and data mining to optimize marketing strategies


    With regular and intelligent use of various marketing techniques, you can have a positive impact on the brand and increase sales.

7. Customer Support and after-sale Services

  1. Customer support and after-sales services play a very important role in obtaining a representative from a foreign manufacturer to operate in Iran. To succeed in this field, you must be able to provide high quality support service. In the following, we have mentioned some important points in this regard:

    • Education: The technical and support team must have the necessary knowledge and experience to solve problems and answer customers’ questions. You should organize training programs for technical staff that are always up-to-date.


    • Quick response: The support team must respond to customers’ questions and problems quickly and efficiently, and for this, a ticketing or online support system can be useful in this field.


    • On-site service: If needed, you must be able to provide on-site service and repairs at the customer’s location. To achieve this goal, it can be useful to create a network of technicians or technical representatives throughout the country.


    • Spare parts: You must ensure that spare parts are available and obtainable.


    • Communication with the manufacturer: You must have a continuous and healthy communication with the manufacturer so that you can receive these services quickly if you need technical support and more information.


    Therefore, according to all these points, you should create and improve a strong and efficient support and after-sales service system so that you can have a successful representation office and win the trust of the manufacturer and customers.

DO Tradepartner company proudly declares that our goal is your success and in this regard we fully understand the importance of your interests. Therefore, we use all our capabilities in the challenging path of obtaining a foreign manufacturer’s representation and we are by your side as a companion and consultant.


Thank you for your trust in DO Tradepartner and we are very pleased that you have chosen us to do business with us. With the help of our expert teams, we will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory and favorable business experience.