Purchase and supply of products

Purchasing, supplying and importing products is a complicated process that requires expertise and experience. At this stage, our experienced and professional experts in DO Tradepartner Company, using their knowledge and experience, carry out this process exactly according to your expectations and standards so that your desired result is achieved.

At the beginning of the purchase and supply process, it is necessary for the buyer to provide our experts at DO Tradepartner Company with complete information about the type of their request and order.

These information includes:

  • The name and specifications of the desired product
  • Desired quantity
  • The intended price for the purchase of product
  • How to transport the product
  • The expected time to receive the product

In the second stage:

DO Tradepartner experts, who are located in the business offices of Iran (Tehran-Shiraz), China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, as your physical representative, carry out comprehensive and complete research on the manufacturers and suppliers of the product the customer is looking for.

The manufacturer and supplier of the desired product is selected based on factors such as product quality, price, ability of the supplier or manufacturer in providing order volume, payment terms and delivery guarantee.

In the continuation of this stage, the experts of DO Tradepartner company will provide you, dear customers, with a list of these manufacturers and suppliers, which includes all the information effective in the customer’s choice, including price, product quality, ability of the manufacturer or supplier, payment terms and delivery guarantee.

Then the customer chooses a manufacturer or supplier by checking the manufacturers and suppliers mentioned in the list and their information.

After you make your choice, the experts of DO Tradepartner Company will check the rules and regulations before starting the purchase process.

These regulations include import tariffs and necessary permits, and if there are any restrictions, our experts will provide appropriate solutions to resolve them.

If there is no need to do more research for you, dear customer, or if you have chosen your own manufacturer, DO Tradepartner team will provide you with the necessary services to perform other steps.

Sending Product Samples

In the process of importing a product, in order to identify the capabilities of the manufacturer or supplier and check or edit/change the quality of their product sample, the sample request is followed by DO Tradepartner team through the following steps:

  • The first step: holding a meeting with the presence of consultants.


At first, we meet the supplier and explain the customer’s needs to him. Thus, we negotiate about what kind of samples or products we want for testing, and we get production advice according to the customer’s requests.


  • The second step: To specify the needs.


After negotiating with the customer, we determine what needs should be covered in the sample, including physical characteristics, quality of raw materials, etc. Specifying the customer’s needs must be carefully considered and communicated to the manufacturer so that the product sample is in accordance with the quality desired by the customer.

  • The third step: determining the criteria.


Our team of experts agree on parameters such as sample quality, delivery time, price and other important details with the supplier. These criteria should be in such a way that the buyer can evaluate the performance of the supplier based on them and if the performance is sufficient and acceptable, it will be approved.


  • The fourth step: editing the sample request steps.


The supplier may change the quantity or specifications that you requested in the initial stages. After receiving the initial proposals from the supplier, we discuss the sample request process with the customer and after it’s reviewed by the customer, if there is a need for changing/editing to fulfill the customer’s request, we raise this issue. Also, we examine the costs and payment terms and reach an agreement on it.


  • Final agreement:


After editing the sample request steps and confirming all the details, our team will make the final agreement with the supplier.


  • Sample evaluation:

After receiving the samples, we carefully evaluate them and ensure that they meet the specifications of the agreement and the customer’s needs.



Final selection:

According to the evaluation of the samples, the customer decides whether he wants to cooperate with the selected supplier or prefers to refer to another manufacturer.

As an important point, it should be noted that our team of experts prepares the necessary official documents and agreements at all stages of communication with the supplier and protects the rights and obligations of the customer. Also, DO Tradepartner Company will help you in this regard by being fully familiar with these rules and regulations.