Marketing is a business strategy used to expand business activities beyond national borders. This strategy allows merchants and traders to offer their products and services to new customers and markets all around the world. Of course, it should be noted that in order to use this strategy, we have to go through various steps to achieve the expected and desired results. We are proud to announce that the professional and experienced experts of DO Tradepartner Company will help you in this field so that you can enter the global business world with full knowledge and confidence.

 In this article, we will briefly describe the marketing steps for you:


The first step: Choosing the target market


Choosing suitable global markets based on economic, demographic, cultural and political analyzes is one of the most important steps of international marketing. DO Tradepartner Company has gathered a team of experts who know these analyzes in a scientific and principled way and are fully aware of global markets.


The second step: Competitors analysis


Analyzing the competitors in target markets will help you to develop a suitable competitive strategy, and this analysis requires a thorough understanding of international markets. In this field, you will definitely require the help of experts as well as having a consultant who is knowledgeable about international trade.


The third step: Matching the products with the needs and preferences of international customers


Changing and improving the range of products in a way that responds to different markets is very important and decisive. Since our company’s experts are based in the country of your target market, they are aware of the market needs of that country and therefore they can help you in identifying the appropriate market and profitable product.


The fourth step: Making changes in the design of packaging and branding of products


The suitability of products for different environments and cultures in different markets is a very important point. Every country has its own unique culture and requirements and this point can be used in the matter of import and export. In business, using the culture of the target market country makes the customer feel familiar with the product and the way it is presented, and therefore, is encouraged to buy and consume the product.


The fifth step: Choosing the right distribution channels


One of the most important principles in international business is choosing the right distribution channel. Products are distributed in collaboration with distribution intermediaries in the target market, and getting to know these distributors is the responsibility of the social relations group in the target market. Therefore, having a group based in the country of your target market and having relations in that country will facilitate this for you.


The sixth step: Determination of competitive prices


Knowing the competitors and determining the prices that are competitive in the target markets is a very important part of this process. The prices that are determined must be in line with the local and economic conditions and the routine of different markets. Thus, DO Tradepartner company experts who reside and are present in your target market can advise you about this step.

Seventh step: Using social media


In some cases, you may want to promote your product or service on social media, especially the media of the destination market. Television, radio and internet advertising are suitable methods that are used according to the habits, needs and preferences of the market. Certainly, people who stay in a certain environment for a long time are well aware of these habits, needs and preferences. Therefore, you can get help from DO Tradepartner experts who reside in the country of your target market for advertising advice.

Performance Measurement

To continue your business activities in the target market, it is necessary to measure your performance and the efficiency of your products in the target market. We need to find out what changes and improvements we should make in our business strategies in order to grow our business. Therefore, having a representative on your behalf in the country of the target market can inform you of the existing strengths and weaknesses so that you can have a continuous and successful business by considering them. Our experts in the target market will be your advisor and support as your physical representative.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that international marketing requires a deep knowledge of markets, strategic thinking, appropriate organizational settings, as well as the ability to adapt to constant changes in global markets. This strategy allows you to have a very good activity in the business world and to achieve further development and growth.


 With DO Tradepartner, you will step into the borderless business world with confidence and knowledge.