Export marketing services

DO Tradepartner Company is committed to strengthening the global presence of your brand and achieves this goal by using advanced marketing strategies and specialized services. Our team of experts is proud to provide these services to guarantee the export of your products to international markets. In the following, we provide more information about this part of our services:

  • Market research:


  • Market identification:


When it comes to exports, the first step is to have a complete and accurate understanding of the target market. At DO Tradepartner Company, we discover hidden opportunities with the help of advanced market data analysis tools. This data includes demographic information, consumer preferences, purchasing patterns and industry trends. Thus, we can identify the markets that have the greatest growth potential for your products and services.


  • Competition analysis:


Being aware of your competitors’ routines is as important as knowing your customers. In this step, we analyze the information gathered from your competitors in the target markets. This analysis includes examining the products, pricing, marketing strategies, strengths and weaknesses of their performance as well as their reputation. We will help you to be aware of the position of your competitors and based on that, find strategies that will help you surpass your competitors more easily. Also, you will be able to develop your own competitive advantages. For example, if we see that a competitor is performing poorly in the field of after-sales service, we can emphasize this feature in your service to create a competitive advantage for you. Our goal is for your presence in the international markets to appear as a powerful brand.


  • Simple marketing for international success

Relying on a strategic and simple approach, we provide services in order to expand the introduction of your products and services at the international level, and we believe that even the biggest goals can be achieved with small and firm steps. Here are some examples of simple strategies we offer:


  • Direct Marketing:


We help you to create direct and effective communication with your customers all over the world. In this regard, we must first be able to explain the benefits of your product or service to the audience in a simple and understandable language. The marketing message should be direct and clear to quickly satisfy the customer’s needs. In this field, we provide you with services to create a powerful marketing message, we also communicate with your customers through various ways, from custom emails to targeted SMS campaigns with simple and pleasant language, so that this communication can reflect the benefits and unique features of your product.


  • Visual marketing:


Visual marketing is one of the most powerful tools in marketing communication that focuses on using images, graphics and videos to create a sensory connection with your audience. The human brain understands images much faster than text, and visual content can evoke strong emotions. Because of this, the customer will establish a deeper relationship with the images. With the help of designers and producers, we can provide you with exclusive visual content that fits your brand’s message and identity. These contents can be optimized for use in different types of platforms, including social networks, websites and online advertisements.


  • Participation in the community

This section refers to the activities of a business in order to build strong relationships with its customers and influence the society in which it operates. These activities include the following:


  1. Participating in local events such as attending exhibitions, festivals, local markets, etc., which provides the opportunity to communicate directly with customers. Such activities serve as an excellent tool because they provide the opportunity to present products and services in person, and this leads to receiving appropriate feedback from customers.


  1. Holding or sponsoring workshops and seminars gives you the opportunity to be known as an expert. These educational events can provide valuable content to attendees while creating opportunities for you to network and make professional connections.


  1. Cooperation with other businesses to hold events or implement joint projects can strengthen the interests of both parties.


  1. Interactive marketing


Using interactive tools like surveys and contests, we help you build meaningful relationships with customers and give them a sense of ownership in your brand.


  1. Focusing on values


Focusing on values plays a very important role in export marketing because it is considered a successful communication with international customers. When exporting the product, the values, the different cultures that exist in the global markets should be taken into account. This work helps to establish a stronger cultural connection, adapt your products and services to the needs of the target market, and also attract the trust and loyalty of customers at the international level.


  1. Content strategies in the export market


Content strategies should be designed in such a way that they are compatible with the culture and values of the target markets.

Examples of these strategies include: adapting content to the language and culture of the target market, translating and adjusting content to adapt to local language and interests to improve search engines, or creating content that compares your products or services to local examples and explains their advantages.

Also, providing valuable and educational information about how to use your product or service in different markets and emphasizing its high quality and unique features that are valuable in the target market also help to achieve this goal.


Each of these strategies should be implemented with a detailed market analysis and according to the general goals of export and international branding.


Online Networking

Online networking can play a significant role in export marketing. Below are some approaches of online networking in export marketing:


  • B2B business platform: The platforms such as Global sources, Ali BaBa, Tradeky and others that help companies to communicate with international buyers​.


  • Professional social networks: communicating on Linkedin and creating a professional company profile that shares products and services.


  • ​Content marketing: creating relevant and attractive content such as specialized articles, blogs, etc., which displays the capabilities of a brand.


  • International SEO: Website optimization for search engines in target countries to attract relevant traffic.


  • Dedicated Business Platforms: Build or join dedicated platforms for specific industries or regions that may provide direct networking opportunities.


Market Analysis in Export Marketing


Market analysis is an important factor for success in export marketing, which includes various stages and aspects such as:

  • Market Research: Collecting information about target markets including market size, growth trends, consumer preferences, and local laws and regulations.


  • Competitor analysis: Identifying and evaluating current competitors in target markets and examining their products and services, pricing, marketing strategies, and their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Customer analysis: understanding the needs, tastes and buying behavior of customers and foreign markets and determining how to provide the best response to meet their needs.


  • Determining the market entry strategy: Determining the best method to enter the market based on the analyzes and performing methods such as direct export, forming partnerships, and establishing local branches.


  • Multiple Marketing Planning: Developing product pricing, distribution and promotion strategies to attract and retain customers in the target market.


  • Test and modification: implement small-scale marketing programs to test market response and adjust strategies based on feedback received.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring performance in target markets and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies for continuous improvement.


Using this accurate data and intelligent analysis, you can make better decisions to expand your business and export in the best way.


DO Tradepartner company will be proud to be with you on this path.