Customization Services

The professional and experienced team in DO Tradepartner try their best to provide our honorable customers with the trading services in order to meet the needs and demands of the honorable customers.

One of the services provided by DO Tradepartner Company is customizing the orders from foreign manufacturers. Our professional experts place the order for your desired product(s) by interacting with reliable and capable foreign manufacturers. So you, as our honorable customer, can receive the desired product(s) according to your needs and tastes, from special design to customized packaging, based on your standards. We cooperate with the foreign manufacturer in such a way that we ensure that the product you are looking for is not only customized, but also has the desired quality.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to communicate with the experienced team of DO Tradepartner Company to receive these services.

We will help you in placing an order and making a safe purchase according to your standards and taste.

The order customization steps can be different depending on the desired product or service. However, in the following, we have provided general examples of the customization steps carried out by our company:

  • Communication with the customer and identification of needs:

The first step in the customization process is to communicate with the customer so that we can identify his needs and demands. Based on these needs, we can provide him with the best services. In this regard, after communicating with the customer through questions and answers, we can talk about their needs and expectations in order to obtain sufficient information. Then, we record all the information and details related to the customer’s needs so that we can develop a suitable plan and strategy to meet his needs.


  • Consultation and options review

At this stage, in cooperation with the honorable customer, we can increase his awareness of the more favorable option. In this regard, we first identify and explain various and possible options that can be presented to the customer. In the meantime, considering the customer’s needs, budget, and goals, we review and analyze the options and explain each option in details. Thus, the customer can be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option and make a decision based on these points.

The customer’s comments and feedback about the options are very important to us and they allow us to help the customer in making the final decision. In this way, the customer can choose the best option according to his needs and goals.


  • Preparing the design and draft of order:

At this stage, we create a clear picture of the product the customer is looking for. In this process, we first collect all the information related to the customer’s request, which can include the image, color, style, material, or any special features of the product. Based on the information, we prepare an initial design and try our best to create a general and initial image of the product. Then we present the design to the customer to get his comments and feedback. These comments and feedback are very important and valuable in the improvement and evolution of the design and should be carefully analyzed. After reviewing these comments, necessary changes will be made based on them, and after modifying and completing this design, we will prepare a final version and present it to the customer. After the final design is presented to the customer and approved by him, the design is ready for production. All these steps are done through our continuous communication with the manufacturer and the customer.


  • Production or execution, quality control and final inspection, delivery, customer support and after-sales service:

At this stage, after the final approval of designs and specifications by the customer, the production process begins. In this process, first a detailed planning is done to produce or execute the order. The required resources, timing and implementation steps are specified in this planning. After that, the required resources such as raw materials and equipment should be made available or checked. According to planning and resources, the process of producing or implementing services begins. The production team must produce the product carefully, according to the requested quality and specifications, and based on the approved designs.

During this process, continuous and accurate quality control is carried out by resident personnel in the country of manufacture to ensure that the product is produced according to the standard and expectations of the customer. After completing the production and quality control process, the products must be well packed and ready to be sent to the customer.

DO Tradepartner Company ensures that after the delivery of the product or the implementation of the service, the necessary support is provided to the customer in order to receive the necessary help and guidance in the event of a problem or question. All these steps are done with precision and coordination and attention to details by the DO Tradepartner team so that you receive your desire products and services with the best quality.


  • Customer feedback:

After delivering the product to the customer, we collect his opinions, suggestions and criticisms about the product. This step helps us to improve the provision of products and services in the future. These feedbacks include the strengths and weaknesses of the products or services and how they are presented, and they allow us to get closer to the desired and better result.

DO Tradepartner team proudly announces we will be with you in all these steps and we will use all our expertise, experience and knowledge to help you do safe and favorable business.