Customs clearance

Clearance of product(s) is one of the important and fundamental parts of import and international trade. This process is carried out in order to apply the regulations defined by the government and provide services related to the import of product(s).

Customs clearance procedures are as follows:

1) Determining the tariff code:

  First, the tariff code related to the imported product(s) must be determined. This tariff code specifies to which tax and regulatory categories the products belong.


2) Submission of documents

The importer must submit the documents related to the import of the prouct(s) with the customs authorities. These documents include sales invoices, shipping slips, special permits and other required documents.


3) Payment of taxes and customs fees:

After determining the value of the product(s) and the tariff code, the importer must pay the taxes and customs related to the product(s).


4) Inspection and approval of product(s)

  In order to ensure compliance with the regulations, the customs government may conduct a physical inspection of the product(s).


5) Confirmation of clearance:

  After the tax and customs fees are approved and the product(s) are inspected, the clearance is confirmed and the products are delivered to the importer.

6) Delivery of product(s) to the final destination:

  At this stage, the importer can transport the product(s) to their desired final destination.


 As explained, clearance of the product(s) means passing imported product(s) through customs and obtaining permission to enter the country. This process is accompanied by specific rules and regulations and taxes, and its purpose is to control the imported product(s) and make sure about the payment of all related taxes. This whole process varies depending on the type of product(s), its quantity and value, and in any country, its steps may be more or less. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with an expert in this field before importing the product(s) in order to advance this process better. DO Tradepartner Trading Company is with you in this path.